Jun 10, 2008

Ionian Mode

Hopefully you took me seriously and made an effort to memorize the order of modes, but regardless, I'm still going to move forward and post the first mode. The Ionian mode.

The formula is as follows.

  • The whole step/half step formula

  • W,W,H,W,W,W,H

    Something interesting to remember about the Ionian mode is that it is exactly the same as the major scale, note for note. So when you're playing A Ionian you are playing the A major scale. Screwy, isn't it? But its important to know the Ionian mode, because it is the doorway to the next mode, Dorian, and Dorian is a step in the direction of
    the next mode, Phrygian.

    The difference in the Ionian mode and a major scale of the same key is the fingering and placement of the notes. Hey, if you want to complain, that's fine, but really it just makes it a piece of cake to memorize the Ionian mode.

    Let's say that you know the major scale and how to play it in the key of G. If you know this, then you know every mode in the key of G. When I post the lesson on the Dorian mode I will fully explain why this is, but one thing at a time.

    A good way to practice this mode is to start with the Ionian mode. Practice it like this. First play the A major scale, and then go straight to A Ionian. This is a great way to practice all of the modes and will help you to fully understand what is going on.

    If you do this consistently, your ears will be able to detect the differences, so that you can identify a mode just by listening to it. This will give you an edge for when you want to jam with people and have no restrictions on your soloing.

    A Ionian

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