May 30, 2008

The Major Scales

Here it is. All of the major scales, starting in an open E position and ending on the 12th fret, the octave of E. You should consider printing these off, and memorizing them. Its very easy, because minus the open E scale, the rest all consist of the same pattern. Just a matter of starting the pattern on a different fret to change the key.

You need to know this scale inside and out before I can show you any modes. This is the key to unlocking the modes. Just take a few minutes to sit down and play it, when you can. A few minutes here, a few minutes there.

I promise this will make it so much easier.

E Major Scale

F Major Scale

F# Major Scale

G Major Scale

G# Major Scale

A Major Scale

A# Major Scale

B Major Scale

C Major Scale

C# Major Scale

D Major Scale

D# Major Scale

E Major Scale (octave)

Note: Use alternate picking (down, up, down, up) and play through these evenly, going at your own comfortable pace. Though this is theory in action, these scales should also be treated as speed developing exercises. They can accomplish a lot from that perspective.

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