Jun 1, 2007

About Me

Tennyson Williams' journey into the music realm started at an early age, but a personal love and passion for music would not come for many years. Growing up in a family of pianists, vocalists, guitarists, jazz musicians and having two professional ballroom dancers for parents, the exposure to music and a varying mix of music was always prevalent.

Tennyson started taking piano lessons early on in his youth and would continue for 8 years, but with hardships, as the guitarist found it a difficult instrument on a personal level. Instead, he chose to focus his energies during this time on subjects like filmmaking, writing, comic book illustration, theater and studies of history. At the age of 15 everything had come to a halt, and Tennyson found himself searching for a new passion. He had forgotten about the fact that he had wanted to play guitar since age 5, until one night his older brother walked in with a Yamaha classical guitar and started showing him how to tune the instrument and how to play some basic chords.

Being mostly left-handed, Williams struggled with the instrument for the first few months, until after the first hurdle, things began to click, and he immediately set his mind to writing his own music. It wasn't before long that the artist began neglecting most of his studies so that he could play 16 hours a day.

For two years Tennyson set out to study a different genre of music every 2-3 months or so. He has spent most of his time studying styles like Jazz, Heavy Metal, Rockabilly and Bossa Nova, and has even crossed styles, creating compositions that could be categorized as Bossa Nova Metal and Medieval Metal. He is in the process of composing 3 albums and hopes to release them to the world in the not so distant future.

Tennyson's personal goals in life are:

  • To create
    To learn
    To educate
    and to prove to people that they can have whatever they desire.
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