May 1, 2008

Guitar tip No. 2 "Time to be picky"

Guitar tip No. 2

There are a lot of people out there who want to be
insanely fast at guitar. There are a lot of people
out there who ARE insanely fast. The main thing to
remember, is that speed is not everything. If it is
to you, then you will become an obnoxious guitarist.
Sorry, but its true. However, if you can play fast,
then you can certainly play slow, as well.

So, before we get to the juicy details of warm-ups and
speed drills, I would first like to inform you of a
helpful tool, that will end up becoming your best
friend during the long and lonely hours of practicing.

Before I tell you what it is, I would first like to
say, that I in no way endorse this product, nor am I
a part of any affiliate program with them. I realize
that the other day, I had recommended using B52 guitar
strings. I was simply recommending them, because I
love them, even more than my top secret collection
of Eddie Van Halen toe nail clippings (whoops).

Anyways, you should check out a speed training guitar
pick called the Stylus pick. They're very inexpensive
and will do wonders for your playing. Seriously, get one.
Start practicing with a metronome, starting out at
a slow speed. Google Stylus pick, and read about how
the Stylus pick works. In the mean time, I'll get
started on some speed training exercises that you
can do, and throw them your way, by way of this blog.

Check back real soon for that stuff.

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