Apr 30, 2008

Guitar tip No. 1 "Strung Out"

Guitar tip No. 1

Since this is the first of many guitar related tips to come,
I'm going to try and think and write in a linear fashion.
My first bit of advice goes to those who play electric guitars.
Don't worry! I will indeed be sharing knowledge on acoustics
and classicals as well, so don't feel excluded if you don't
play on an electric guitar at all.

Its all about the strings. I highly suggest my brand of choice,
which would be the Everly B52's. Sounds intriguing, wouldn't
you say? and for good reason! the B52's are a great example of
what happens when man (as a race - not being a shovenist)
is at his best. To be more specific, when man has a lot of time
on his or her hands and is able to use that inner-space to
channel outstanding ideas, that better influence and aid the

The 52's that I speak of are wound with nickel. 48% iron and
52% nickel (hence the name). The Everly's have named their
combination "Alloy 52", and it would appear that this combination
is highly magnetic. What this means, is that if you were to
play a full chord, using all six strings, you would hear
every string ring with the same continuity. Your ears can
literally detect each note. The notes do not drown each
other out.

What's more, is that if you happen to play a style of electric
guitar that utilizes a lot of harmonics, you will be able to
achieve the purist sounding harmonics you've ever heard.

Ever thought of doing pinch harmonic chords? Use B52's.

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