May 2, 2008

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 1

Guitar Speed Training

This one isn't so much of a challenge, since its really just a guitar exercise, but this is a fun one, especially if you are working on refining or developing your speed.




As you'll notice, you keep coming back to the 2nd fret. This is a great exercise, because it brings in all the fingers of the fretting hand, into contact. It'll better help you to sync up your picking with all of the fingers of the fretting hand.

Keep it going for at least 2 minutes, at a comfortable
pace. I still suggest using the Stylus pick, which you can read about in Guitar tip No. 2, with a metronome.

When you feel a slight burning in your hands, stop. Take a break for 10-20 seconds, and then resume the exercise, right away. You may only be able to do this exercise, for half this time now.

Take a break
for 10-20 seconds, and repeat. Repeat it until your hands are spent. You want to feel a little stress on the hands. That is muscle memory development coming into action.

Its a lot like weight training, where
you work your way up and then come down gently.

Use this method of speed training will all speed
training exercises.

I have TONS that I will be
sharing with you on this blog.

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