Aug 26, 2007


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Acknowledgement And Acceptance Of Terms believes in keeping your information private. The statements that are set forth describe how information is collected and/or used when you or your computer interact with By viewing and using you acknowledge, accept, and freely consent to the collection of information and how it is used as defined within this Privacy Statement.

Participating Sites takes your privacy very seriously. GuitArticles cannot be held responsible for the actions and collection of information from sites that are either a) linked to from GuitArticles, or b) linking to GuitArticles. These sites have their own privacy policies and it is advised that you read through them carefully before using their sites. In no way does any other site represent
GuitArticles or its own practices.

Information That Is Collected And How It Is Used collects information in certain ways in the efforts to maintain a better, more efficient site. This information is used strictly for research purposes to improve where needed.

What Information Is Collected

Your internet protocol address
The type of browser and computer that you use
Number of links that you click on this site
What links you click on this site
State or country from where you are visiting
Date and time of your visit
Website/page that you linked to this site from
Pages that you viewed on this site
Time you spent on this site

How Information Is Collected

Web Server Logs
Your Direct Interaction With

How Information Is Used is sworn to keeping your information private, and it is not our intention to share, sell, or trade this information with any third parties.

By participating in the usage of this site, you agree upon the terms of this data collection and this privacy policy.

The information that we collect simply helps us to improve and maintain, based on the user's experience on this site.

We at reserve the right to change and/or update these Privacy Policy terms as we see fit, and at any time without notification.

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