Aug 24, 2007


The Basics

A Brief History Of The Guitar

The Notes of The Guitar

Finger Picking On The Guitar Part 1

Finger Picking On The Guitar Part 2


Guitar tip No. 1 "Strung Out"

Guitar tip No. 2 "Time to be picky"


Triadic Chord Structures part 1

Triadic Chord Structures part 2

28 Chords Every Guitarist Should Know

7th Chord Structures - pt. 1

Power Chords

Construction Of A Suspended 4th Chord


Arpeggios Explained

Arpeggios Revisited

Working With Major Arpeggios Pt. 1

Working With Major Arpeggios Pt. 2

Working With Major Arpeggios Pt. 3

Working With Major Arpeggios Pt. 4

Working With Major Arpeggios Bonus Video

B Minor 7th Arpeggio

Scales and Modes

The Major Scales

The Natural Minor Scales

Major Pentatonic

Minor Pentatonic Scale

Pentatonic Scales - Lesson 1

Pentatonic Scales Lesson 2

The Order Of Modes

Ionian Mode

Dorian Mode

Phrygian Mode

The Lydian Mode

Mixolydian Mode

The Harmonic Minor Scale

Song Writing

How To Write A Guitar Solo Pt. 1

How To Write A Guitar Solo Pt. 2

How To Write A Guitar Solo Pt. 3

The Secrets To Improvising Pt. 1

The Secrets To Improvising Pt. 2

The Secrets To Improvising Pt. 3

Deciphering Your Favorite Songs

Guitar Lead - Duo Harmony

Savoy Brown style Blues

Savoy Lead

The basics of Reggae guitar

E7 Blues Part I

Rhythm For Metal Guitarists


Rasputin Tab

How To Play Cemetery Gates

Autumn Leaves


Right Hand Assisted Harmonics

Natural Harmonic Bends

Pinch Harmonics

Double Pinch Harmonics


Guitar Speed Exercise No. 1

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 2

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 3

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 4

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 5

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 6

Melodic Guitar Exercise No. 1

Melodic Guitar Exercise No. 2

Fretting Hand Strength Building Exercise

Fretting Hand Dexterity

The Step Up

String Skipping

Mind Exercise No. 1

Better Hammer-ons, Better Pull-offs

Speed Picking - Alternate and Economy

How To Shred On The Guitar And Smoke 'Em!

Guitar Licks

Metal licks that will make your spine tingle

Jimmy Page Rock Lick

Harmonic Minor Lick


The Basics Of Legato

Minor Etude Legato


Introduction To Tapping

5 Finger Tapping


Sonic Producer - A more affordable alternative to making beats

Guitar Speed Trainer


It starts here and now

The Adrenaline Of Guitar

Confession of a closeted left handed guitar player

Are You A Guitar Drooler?

Guitar Speed Secret Blog Launched

Guitar player thwarts plane hijacking

The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity

Alternate Tunings

Wear Your Music

The Guitar Sherpa

Guitar Flicks For Guitar Lovers

The War Against Guitar Tablature

The Origins Of Guitar Tapping

To Wah Or Not To Wah

10 Ways To Maximize Your Guitar Playing

Martin Acoustic

Staying Motivated

Two Finger Madness

How to make a vocal booth for

Guitar Heroes

Guitar Hero #1 - Pepper Keenan

Guitar Hero #2 - The Reverend Horton Heat



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