Nov 17, 2008

Wear Your Music

I was recently introduced to a really cool idea that combines both an interesting concept for a bracelet, as well as something of a benefit for mankind.

The good people over at are working on something that is really killer. They're taking guitar strings that have been previously used and donated by many string legends such as, Eric Clapton, Bela Fleck, Ben Harper, The Allman Brothers, and Pete Townsend, and turning them into some really awesome looking bracelets.

I'm a huge fan of giving back and the best part about these bracelets is that they are affordable as well as righteous. The money goes to the charities designated by the legends of the very strings that you could be wearing. Its where art meets industry meets compassion for others. I absolute adore this fantastic idea. I received mine in the mail the other day and have yet to take it off. I have very small wrists, being the very skinny fellow that I am, and have always had a hard time wearing wrist watches or bracelets in general, but these guitar string bracelets fit beautifully and they look amazing. They are flexible to facilitate different sizes (one size fits all) and they let people know what you are all about, but without doing it in an obnoxious way. Its very subtle, but interesting and I've already had people come up to me and ask me what that little bit of silver was on my wrist.

By having people ask me about my bracelet, it gives me the ability to be able to tell people about a really stellar way to give back, and these bracelets are so cool looking, that even people who don't normally play music at all are really interested.

They come in your choice of seven different colors, have become quite popular, and have compelled artists like Keith Richards and John Mayer to donate their unwanted strings, in the attempt to deliver a better life to those who most need it.

If you buy one of these bracelets you will be fully rewarded on two levels.

You'll love what you are displaying. You'll feel good knowing that your money is going to some people and parts of the world who could really use it.

Check out Wear Your Music for yourself at

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