Oct 15, 2008

How To Shred On The Guitar And Smoke 'Em!

Being able to play guitar insanely fast is always a huge undertaking for many, but as I have said before - its all about the mindset. Actually, its all about what you understand, and the fact still stands that guitarists everywhere try to tackle way too much. So here's what I'm going to provide you with. I'm going to show you 3 simple guitar exercises that will get your fingers flying, and I want you to truly focus on these 3 exercises. I want you to wake up and crawl out of bed, salivating over them. I want you to become these exercises, and set all your other exercises aside for one week, and then you'll see just how much progress you have made in your speed training.

The concept still stands tried and true. In order to truly shred, the best method is to focus on no more than 5 simple guitar exercises at a time. Your goal here is to focus on increasing your speed on these exercises. If this isn't for you then don't worry, because I have plenty of other guitar related things to talk about, but if this IS for you - then please follow my advice. Small exercises, consisting of a small amount of notes get you really far with your speed training.

Its that simple!

Don't get me wrong, I love to work with scales and use them as an exercise, but I put more faith into training with a hand full of notes. I also know that Paul Gilbert struggled for 8 or so years, until he decided to start with smaller exercises and work his way up. To this day I still practice with very small guitar exercises and they always bestow me with their riches. So here's three that you can shred the sh** out of!!

TIP #1: Don't just do this exercise on the E and A strings. Try it on different strings. Its important to realize that the thicknesses of the different strings present a bit of a challenge for fast picking, so you should always work on your speed development on different strings. Get used to how the pick reacts to different guitar strings.

TIP #2: This exercise states that you should use alternate picking, starting with a down stroke. You may want to try this exercise starting with an up stroke, its what works best for me, and I know a lot of really exceptional guitarists who start licks and exercises like this one with an up stroke. Experiment and see what works best for you.

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