Jun 19, 2008

Major Pentatonic

Its time to learn the Pentatonic scales. You shouldn't be scared and there's no need to shutter. If you could pick only one mode to learn, and it was mandatory, you should pick this one. It gets the most use. Yes, it is a prostitute mode. We'll start with the Major Pentatonic scale first.

I'll show you the Minor Pentatonic, and then the Blues scale, in the following couple of days. Here's why you should learn these. If you saw my recent post, entitled E7 Blues, and if you liked that little deal, chances are you'll want to jam over it. Well, you need to learn these 3 modes first.

I promise, these are soooo easy! they are very similar, and just make sense. They definitely sound very bluesy, so you won't forget them. I mean everyone uses these. Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, Bluegrass - everyone gets a little use out of them.

Point in being, I can't make part 2 of the E7 Blues video, because I forgot that I haven't shown you guys these scales. Its not a big deal. I sleep like 4 hours a night anyways, so I'm bound to make a mistake here and there.

What you should know about the Major Pentatonic Scale:

1. Penta means 5, so it contains 5 notes.
2. Tonic = note
3. The Major Pentatonic scale is missing 2 notes. The 4th and 7th notes.

The formula is:


The combination of W+H simply means that it is 3 frets, or a half step + whole step.

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