Jun 18, 2008

E7 Blues Part I

This is a blues standard, in terms of chord progression. A lot of people know this one, but it really is a good thing to know, because it is quite fun to jam over. If you have a buddy who plays guitar, the two of you can take turns soloing over this chord progression. Its a good way to get those improvising skills going.

In the next lesson, I'll show you some blues scales that you can use over top of this. If you have some basic way to record yourself, you can lay this down as a backing track and then solo over top of it for practice.

This version that I have tabbed out is the very simplest one that I could think of. Learn the chords, that's all that matters and then figure out some rhythms that you like. That's the great thing about this, is that it can be very experimental. There's a lot of room for exploration here, and believe me a lot can be done with this.

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