May 1, 2009

How To Write A Guitar Solo Pt. 2

Ok, so in the first installment, we laid down a basic drum beat, and added some cool sounding chords, keeping in mind a more interesting rhythmic structure.

Now we need some sort of a melody/intro to what will be our guitar solo. You will see in the video that I settled upon the D Natural Minor scale to line up with our chords, the first chord being D minor.

We'll also make good use of Duo harmony, where we take to melodic phrases and harmonize them with each other. You can find a lesson explaining the process of Duo Harmony by way of that link.

In the video we'll also go over note arrangement a little bit, which is very important for a melodic sounding solo. I won't give it all away, because you can certainly watch the video for yourself, but part 3 will be coming out shortly, which is where it gets really good.

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