Mar 23, 2009

Guitar Speed Secret Blog Launched

In an effort to make a more user friendly guitar instructional blog, I have just created and launched the official Guitar Speed Secret Blog, which is a sister site to Guitar Speed

I do understand that the topic of speed development and mastering advanced techniques is very specific, but I do get a lot of questions regarding these subjects. So, if this doesn't interest you - I'm still going to maintain GuitArticles, and I will try and stay on top of both blogs as much as possible, but you also know that I just added a lot to my plate, right? ;)

Anyways, check out the new blog, and you can do me a favor by participating in the poll on the right hand side, which will give me a better idea of what you would like to work on. You can choose multiple answers, and if for some reason the poll is too vague, let your voice be heard by emailing me or commenting.

It works best with user participation, because I can teach you more directly this way. Feel free to express your views, so that we can learn and share together.

Take care

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