Jan 9, 2009

Guitar player thwarts plane hijacking

Can you believe that the most unlikely of heroes actually saved that day? I should add this guy to my ongoing series of personal guitar heroes. So who is the mystery man? Well, he's not that big of a mystery!

Chris Llewellyn who is the guitarist for the hip hop artist Asher Roth was on a plane Wednesday that was headed for Los Angeles, when a bit of a ruckus broke out. Apparently a very disgruntled man had all he could take, and shoved a stewardess to the ground. It didn't stop their, as the man claimed to have a bomb, and rushed to the exit door, making an attempt to open it in mid flight. Llewellyn heard the commotion, saw what was going on, and acted.

The 26 year old guitar player tackled the disturbed Delta passenger, and with the help of several other passengers, restrained the man until the plane could safely land. Soon after the man was taken into custody, and no bomb was found on the plane, but thanks to the efforts of Chris and other passengers aboard the Delta plane, any other troubles were quickly avoided. However, the man was not restrained in a perfect scenario. Chris told the Los Angeles Times that everyone was struggling to keep the man pinned, because he was acting insane.

Talk about a hero!

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