Oct 10, 2008

The Guitar Sherpa

I gotta tell you, sometimes finding a source of high quality, guitar related information can be a challenge, and you probably all know that there is certainly a plethora of misleading sites out their. I can't tell you how many guitar directories that I have visited that have lead me completely astray. Enter the Sherpa!!

Never again will there be down and out individuals, frustrated from a lacking of relative guitar info. Its hard enough to find a high quality site that specializes in one particular type of guitar information, but I never thought that I would find such a thorough site as the one that I am about to reveal. I recently stumbled upon an extraordinary site known as The Guitar Sherpa which can be found at TheGuitarSherpa.com.

First of all, the name itself is brilliant, as a Sherpa is a very experienced guide that knows the mountains well. Allow me to say that TheGuitarSherpa.com knows the mountains, and has conquered them. It is here that you will find a very attractive looking site, that features detailed information on Luthiers, string instrument dealers, amps, effects, parts, accessories, recording equipment, repair, musical genres, info on instruction sites, and so much more. I really have never seen so detailed a site, and just by looking over the pages - you can tell that they strive for excellence. The excellence part is exactly why I am writing this review. I spend a good 70-80 percent of my time working on guitar instructional content for this site, but when a site catches my eye, that actually has something wondrous to offer - I don't hesitate to make it known. Don't take my word for it, actually no! do take my word for it and go check out TheGuitarSherpa.com. You won't be disappointed.

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