Jul 7, 2008

Martin Acoustic

Every time I pull out my 1961 Martin I think of Indiana Jones blowing some dust off of a newly rediscovered ancient relic. The Martin is in a fragile state, with a decaying top around the pick guard, and the strings are probably as old as it, because to change or tune them could mean sudden death.

None the less the sound is amazing and I still play it, but very gently. Its really funny to think that something so small and simple could also have such an amazing sound or enchanting presence to it, but there's always been something about Martin guitars.

They were almost like the industry standards for all of the musicians that revolved around the Johnny Cash's and the Elvis Presley's of the 50s.

I was once watching The Antiques Road Show (pathetic), and there was a guy on there who had a 1955 Martin, that fetched 35-55,000. If you have one layin' around then you may just want to dig it out and do a little investigating.

The C.F. Martin company has also made their 1,000,000th guitar and have taken it pretty damn seriously. I mean have you seen that thing? I'm almost too afraid to even look at it, because it looks like it was a gift meant for Napoleon Bonaparte. I can still picture my greedy little hands around it though.

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