Jun 13, 2008

How to make a vocal booth for $30

This by far is the ugliest, most revolting vocal booth that you will ever see, and yet it works really insanely well.

I recently had to disassemble it and a tear came to my eye, because its brought me a lot of quality and it was a nice place to just relax. Anyways, you can build one of these too, and using this method makes it very customizable and simple. Don't wait around - screw the professional approach if that's holding you back!

That was my problem. I needed to lay down some vocals, but was holding back because I wasn't going to do it unless I could either invest $3000 in a vocal booth package off of Ebay, or spend $1500 to build one myself in the correct fashion.

Finally, I got really bored one day and decided to challenge myself. I decided to see how well I could build a vocal booth out of cardboard, yes - cardboard!

It didn't take long to make it, but I did have to record a few tracks to figure out how I could improve it, as I went along.

Here's what it consisted of:

  • Lots of cardboard for the structure = free

  • Tons of blankets = free

  • Memory Foam bed spread from Big Lots = $30

  • Gorilla glue = free (I already had some, but its only a few bucks)

  • Staples+Staple gun

  • The first thing is to figure out a good structure for the cardboard. I think mine was 3 feet by 3 feet. The gorilla glue comes in handy for adjoining the sections of cardboard. Cover the interior as well the the exterior in as many blankets as you can. I used a staple gun to apply them. The most important part is the inside back wall. This should receive the most attention and the most layers. I cut the memory foam bed spread in half and glued a section to both the right and left walls. I had some older acoustical padding on hand that I used for the ceiling, and I stuffed any cracks with a type of industrial foam that is used as a divider, between metal roofing. That's it, basically anything that you can think of.

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