May 23, 2008

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 6

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 6

"pinkie training"

This exercises is the reversed form of Guitar Speed Exercise No. 1. It works much the same way, but it is a lot harder. The reason that I'm sharing this one with everyone, is because the fretting hand pinkie has always been a difficult finger, when it comes to strengthening it.

In Speed Exercise 1, the index finger was the anchor point, and your other fingers had to keep coming back to it. Just like the song "One Step Forward and Two Steps Back", and no, "nobody does get to the bar quite like that".

The fact that the pinkie is smaller than the other fingers, and the fact that the webbing between the ring and pinkie fingers makes it a real pain to train. God, what's with the rhyming? anyways, by using your pinkie as an anchor point, you can train your fingers to respond evenly, increasing your accuracy of timing and speed. Keep that in mind, because you may want (I highly encourage it) to construct your own
exercises, with the pinkie finger in mind.

So, onward and upward!

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When you reach the last note, the 2nd fret, loop the pattern, starting on the 4th fret. Keep it going continuously. However, this exercise can be very stressful on the fretting hand. Start slow, take your time and if you feel some burning, you should take a break.

With other exercises, a little burn is good. This one is no different, but you shouldn't be too aggressive with it.

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