May 7, 2008

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 5

Guitar Speed Exercise No. 5

Today we will focus on developing both dexterity and
hand strength for the fretting hand. A powerful fretting hand is defined by something you might label as, gentle strength.

It simply means that this hand is so strong, that it could crush a beer can...that is full....with tab sealed. Gasp! Yet, this hand has the ability to control a note in such a way, that it can tame the most stubborn of nuances, hence the gentle part.
Is it just me, or is my writing getting more and more eccentric?

Anyways, we're going to take a look at a very short and sweet exercise. I like this one, because it makes good use of the middle finger, ring finger and pinkie. Its also ideal, because it assigns a string to develop each finger.

Quite simply put, it promotes dexterity. Take your time with this, as usual, and pay close attention to the warmth that builds in your fretting hand. Be proud of
this warmth, because once you notice it there, you will also be aware that you are earning it.

Its a good feeling and when you're done with this exercise, you'll feel a very satisfied feeling in your fretting hand. That feeling of satification can be defined by one, awesome word. Progress.

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